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What do you recommend for a Beginner Beekeeper?

Our Deluxe Kit with NUC comes with everything you need to start a new hive. The kit also includes a book that we recommend for further reading. 


When can I get Bees?

We have bees available once a year in the spring (typically end of April) which is the best time to start a new hive. This gives the bees time to establish their hive before winter. Once we have an exact delivery date we will contact all buyers with a call or email and post the delivery date on the website. 


Why Italian Bees? 

We choose Italian bees for their gentle demeanor.


What is a NUC?

Live bees come in bee packages or bee NUCs. NUCs stand for Nucleus and have established broods and 5 frames that can slot easily into the Deluxe hive. NUC’s also come with a Queen bee that lays eggs and brood once in the hive. 


How do I get ready for the Bees? Why do I need a Stand?

We encourage you to find a flat pad of land for the hive before picking up your bees and a stand to discourage rodents from entering your hive.  You don’t want to have to move the hive so make sure your neighbors and small children won’t disturb them. 


What should I wear?

Our deluxe kit includes a jacket and gloves and we recommend pairing those with heavy jeans, and sturdy footwear. Many times bees will escape in the fold of your clothes so using duct tape around your sock line is an old trick. We also sell full suits for children and adults. 


Should I use a smoker?

A smoker subdues the bees so it’s easier to check the hive. Not everyone uses them its up to the beekeeper preference.


How much maintenance do I need to do? How often do I check on the bees? 

Checking for and treating mites (which are harmful parasites) are typical maintenance in Colorado. It can be dependent on if your hive has mites or not. You should do your first check 30 days after you’ve set-up your hive. 


What do I do if my hive gets mites?

There are several different medications available and treatments are sold in our retail store.




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