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phone:  303 286-7002


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Bee Hives and PACKAGE BEES

hive with or without package bees



Deluxe Complete Hive 

Two deeps, 20 frames, 20 foundation, one medium, 10 frames and foundation, screen bottom board, inter-cover, metal top 



With stand and package bees     $395



With package bees only     $375 



 Without bees and stand     $275

(Pickup only)



budget special

Budget Complete Hive

Two deeps, 20 frames, 20 foundation, pine bottom board, inter-cover, budget metal top


With bees     $325

(Pickup only)




Without bees     $210


Super Budget Complete Hive

One deep, 10 frames, 10 foundation, pine bottom board, inter-cover, budget metal top


With bees     $225

(Pickup only)




Without bees     $125



3 Pounds of Package Bees

Includes Queen     $129






(cardboard box included - wooden nuc boxes available below)

Limited number available - call for availability     $235




metal stand

Metal Stand

Metal stand for complete hive     $49




wooden nuc box

Wooden Nuc Box

more permanent option

shipping additional

Unassembled  $28 

Assembled      $35



We do not use shipping as a way to make money, neither do we want to lose money. We choose the most economical method possible.  Please click or call for shipping charge.

hand-nailed dovetailed boxes

10 Frames with Foundation

Hand-nailed dovetailed boxes


     oiled $62


   not oiled 



Bee Line Box Special

Hand-nailed dovetailed boxes (assembled)


(Pick up only)

(We are a Bee Line Dealership)





Deep or medium frames

Unassembled only  

$110 per 100 units

(Pick up only)


complete metal top with frame

Complete Metal Top with Frame





screened bottom board

Screened Bottom Board with Mite Tray







honey super

Mediums / Honey Supers

Medium box, 10 frames and foundation. Asssembled.


Oil finish $37


Non-oiled  $35









Pick up



Honey - 1 pound glass jars - $10 (click or call for shipping charge)

Honey - 1 pound plastic bear, June/July special - $5 (click or call for shipping charge)

Beeswax (yellow only) - $12 per pound (click or call for shipping charge)